Instant Cash, anywhere, anytime

The easiest way to get instant cash anywhere, anytime.


Giving over 200 million people access to instant and affordable cash

No more long Queues


No more transaction errors, high transaction charges or delays during transfers.

Save time and money


Get access to instant cash from the comfort of your home, office or present location

In 3 Simple steps


1. Fund Wallet

2. Signify amount needed

3. Locate Instant Money Provider

Get Paid

Deposit your cash from your home or office and get paid


Aviv allows you to become an Instant Money Provider (IMP) and Earn on every transaction/cash you give out. Why stress yourself going to the bank and deposit your cash when you could do it where you are and make money from it now.


No POS machine needed

No sign up fee

No office needed

All you need is your phone


What our potential customers are saying


In my community, we have just one bank. you could imagine the rush and queue. I believe that is over 50, 000 people to just 4 ATMs. The POS systems are okay but charges, transaction errors and availability of cash at times are still problems.

Obire Paradise, Student

I am usually a very busy person and don't always have the time to wait at the ATM stand so it was a welcome development when POS and mobile agents came around. But the probems continued: I would have to wait 5 to 10 minutes for my transfer to go through before i could get cash. So i thought of a solution, i collected the agents number and would have to call her first and make a transfer so it would have gone through and she would have my cash ready before i get there. Aviv is going to solve problems like this by ensuring wait times are eliminated.

Justin Ashon, CMO for AVIV

To become a mobile money agent, they are a lot of hurdles that makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to scale through. You would need an office space, some companies require you to pay 20,000 naira to register, you need to apply for a POS machine that could take months to arrive and more. i think the AVIV solution provides a great entry point and opportunity for poverty alleviation and a greater financial inclusion strategy.

Lady Ama, Founder Psalm 91 Couture

For Individuals


Get cash anywhere anytime by using our app on your phone to locate a cash agent next to you.

Become an instant money provider and make money from the comfort of your home or office.


For businesses


Get instant payments for your goods and services, no transaction errors, no delayed transfer,

free daily account statement.

Make instant deposits of your cash from your office/work space and make extra cash by becoming an

Instant Money Provider


For Organisations

Give your users the option to withdraw their money to their Aviv wallet and have access to

instant and affordable cash




We believe in a happy and stressfree world that gives you time to be all you can be.