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"Achieving financial inclusion

is not an end in itself.
It’s the means to an end.
—Queen Máxima

of the Netherlands/UNSGSA



Research Shows Access to Financial Services Can Help Achieve the SDG Goals:
Eliminate extreme poverty (SDG 1)
Reduce hunger and promote food security (SDG 2)
Achieve good health and well-being (SDG 3)
Foster quality education (SDG 4)
Promote gender equality (SDG 5)
And Access to Infrastructure: Water and Sanitation (SDG 6) and Energy (SDG 7)
It can help in achieving Broader Economic and Social Goals by;
Promoting shared economic growth (SDG 8)
Promoting innovation and sustainable industrialization (SDG 9)
And help towards towards equitable and peaceful societies (SDG 10 and SDG 16)


Nigeria remains a largely cash-dominated society, primarily due to limited financial literacy and a lack of financial infrastructure. With over 60 million people unbanked in Nigeria in 2020, Cash is and remains a common denominator for transactions, accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or financial situation. 

However In Nigeria getting cash is stressful and access to financial services in need of more innovative and people inspired solutions. The ATMs are inefficient and few and far in between with some communities having just 1 ATM to over 50,000 people. The POS system and mobile money agents arrived as an alternative solution, with over 260,000 mobile money agents across the country. However they continue to be a lapse in these services and the numbers required as tools for more financial inclusion and poverty alleviation.

At Aviv, we are focused on making an impact in communities by creating jobs and increasing access to cash and financial services as a tool for enhancing the sustainable development goals to the underserved and served, banked and unbanked.



Aviv is a mobile money

 and financial service platform

that  allows individuals and businesses

to easily become mobile money agents from

the comfort of their homes and offices

and matches them with users who

need instant and affordable cash.

Providing a better alternative

to the POS and ATM systems

without any of their



According to an efactsheet by the Nigerian InterBank Settlement System ( NIBSS), Nigeria's 79 million active bank customers out of a population of an estimated 205 million, spread across the 36 states and Abuja, have access to only 18,731 ATMS as at March 2019. Insufficient bank branches, banking procedures and lack of ATMs have impeded greater financial inclusion: for every 100,000 adults, Nigeria has 4.3 bank branches compared to 5 in Kenya, 8.6 in Ghana and 10.1 in South Africa. For every 100, 000 Nigerians, they are 16 ATM machines which is about 1 ATM for 6250 people.


In Nigeria, according to statista, there are over 260,000 Mobile Money agents available to these 79 million active bank users and 60 million unbanked. That would give us 1 agent to  534 people.
However, the problems doesn't stop there. Consumers also continue to face difficulties with access to cash either through banks or ATMs due to their unavailability in rural areas, crowded and long queues or unavailability of cash. Banking errors are also a challenge as customers are debited while transactions are declined and have to wait some 7 to 14 get a reversal. These are also problems with the mobile money agents as customers face high charges, network and machine issues, wait times, errors and poor customer service. Becoming an agent also has its limitations as most mobile money providers require individuals and businesses to pay high fees, have an office space and be be registered.


ATM's which were introduced over 53 years ago seems to be primed for change. With a purchase cost of over 4 million naira and high maintenance cost, the future looks primed for a new innovative and sustainable solution.


For Individuals


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Get instant payments for your goods and services, no transaction errors, no delayed transfer,

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Instant Money Provider


For Organisations

Give your users the option to withdraw their money to their Aviv wallet and have access to

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