Instant Cash, anywhere, anytime

Why choose AVIV

No more wait times for cash.


Our Instant money transfer technology and Intuitive matching system ensures You are only matched with those that have the cash you need available and those close to your chosen location. 

No transaction errors.

We know what it feels like to be wrongfully debited and the cash doesnt come out or POS operative doesn't receive her credit. Most times you have to wait 7 days or more for a reversal or for it to be resolved. With Aviv, there are no transfer errors as your cash is transferred in real time.

Fund your wallet from anywhere in the world and receive your cash in naira.

Coming to an African country just got easier. No need to carry your foreign currency that you would have to change or worry about the ATMs dispensing cash. Download the app, fund your wallet and when you touch down at the airport, you could Aviv instantly and be matched with an instant money provider

Get or give cash from the comfort of your home.

All you need is your phone and you could request or give cash instantly as you are matched with those around your chosen location.

One time charge and transparent pricing.


No maintenance fee, no set up fee and no hidden charges. A single charge is deducted per transfer.

Easy set up for instant money providers.


Meaning no set up or registration fee, no need for business registration or office space, no chair or umbrella needed, no pos. You can provide cash from wherever you are. And you can Start Now

Security and complaince to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive (ePR).


Protecting your privacy and data is an integral part of how we work and ensuring all your banking informations are safe and secured is our number one priority

Simple and seamless application use.

Our app is designed to provide the most simple and easy to use interface to ensure you achive your goals in 3 steps or less.

Withdraw as little as 100 naira.


Yep, that easy. Person no dey shame o. Sugar, Groundnut and pure water with garri fit do wonders at a time. But its just phase, tough times never last but tough before do.

Respectful and empathetic customer service ready to serve you 24/7.


We have a customer service oriented team, meaning we would listen to you, provide solutions and ensure you get the results you want respectfully. We are here to serve, aniticipate and meet your needs.

A solution that was built with you in mind and the desire to evolve and get better.


Our solution was born to take away every problem associated with accessing cash: Problems we have experienced as individuals and business owners. We are building for you, not just because we make money when you do but because we believe that life has enough stress already and that things should be easy, quality, stress free, and affordable. 

For Individuals


Get cash anywhere anytime by using our app on your phone to locate a cash agent next to you.

Become an instant money provider and make money from the comfort of your home or office.


For businesses


Get instant payments for your goods and services, no transaction errors, no delayed transfer,

free daily account statement.

Make instant deposits of your cash from your office/work space and make extra cash by becoming an

Instant Money Provider


For Organisations

Give your users the option to withdraw their money to their Aviv wallet and have access to

instant and affordable cash




We believe in a happy and stressfree world that gives you time to be all you can be.